Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snapshot: week 1

A snapshot of life the first week of a record attempt. My day starts at 5 am. I will walk all day at 3 mph, stoppinv only to get water, dump sand from my shoes or such. Each stop lasts but a few minutes. I walk until the miles pile up, intil night falls and my headlamp comes out, until the acjing in my feet and legs seems unbearable. The last miles i am stumbling, tripping. Finally, I pitch my tent on whatever surface is availble. It may be flat, or not, or rock hard, but it is home for the next few hours. Inside I struggle to choke down a protein shake, my exhaustikn overrides my hunger. I peel socks off from blistered swollen feet. I crawl into my sleeping bag and prop my feet on my food bag. Pain , spasms, cramps, sharp cries that shoot along my nerves; my legs and feet make it hard for me to sleep. I clench my teeth against the jolts and wait for exhaustion to overcome me again. A few hours later, I am awakened by my alarm. Bleary eyed, I wish to go back to sleep, but thenI remember all who believe in me, everyone cheering me on. I think of the sticker on the back of my phone (Never, never, never give up) and the bracelet on my wrist (Nothing great is easy) and I sit up. Bolstered by my task and those who support me I have the courage to put my battered feet back in my worn out shoes and give 'er hell once again.

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