Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snapshot: week 2

Snapshot: Week Two

My legs ache less, although pain still shoots from pirifprmis to ankle alomg my left sciatic nerve once in a while. Thankfully, theyno longer keep me awke. My feet still ache. The last ten miles of theday are agonizing. The blisters continue to grow. I hobbled around the best western at cajon pass on the sides because the pads were to tender to walk on. As the week passed I became less focusedon pain and beganto really enjoy jiking. On day 11 at thesaufleys i eized the pads of my feet were fine and i was walking normally. I also weighed myself-down10 lbs. that's a pound a day, and idon't have 50 more to lose. The heat still has my appetite surpressed. I take in abt 3,500 callries a day. No where near what i am even burning, much less need. Though it's hard to eat, my thoughts are preoccupied with food: avkcado one erythinh, a scott jurek canbage salad drowned in red curry peanut sauce, a half pound salmon steak, Ras' bbq tempeh... I am craving fat and protein because myacro nutrients are skewed, not to mention mu body is ready dipping heavily into stores. 
On the last day of the week, as50mph headwinds had me frozen midstride in the Mojave; rihht knee drivingup, left foot firmly planted, waiting forthe weint on mu back to break the tie nd propel me forwle, i ft the wet warmth and blessed release from pain that accompanied the rupture of the enormous nlister on my left foot. Gravity won and i plunged forward toward a new week and a new challenge- keepin the blister free of infection.

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