Saturday, June 29, 2013

Snapshot: Week 3

Snapshot: Week Three
My body doesn't hurt, except for the pain in my right foot and it's blister. I wakebleary eyed after only five hours of sleep and for a moment contemplate whether I really want to continue. I think of the 43ish miles ahead and it seems impossible. Finally, I sit up and befin to pack: challenge accepted. 
I am outof the desert! I can't believe that J havecome so far. Walking into Kennedy Meadows I was sobbing... 
I am enjoying the beauty of the trail and the aErobic meditation of the miles. 
12 miles north of KM the blister on mu right heel popped.
I am excited for the Sierra, but terrified by their diffculty.
Once again in the mountains where i am happy, whole and at home it was easy to forget my mission and just walk through the beauty surrounding me.
The Sierra was tough. But I did it. I feel empowered now. That if I can climb Pinchot, Mather, and Muir passes in one day I can surely continue on in this journey, as well as take on difficult challenges in life.
Scary moments in the Sierra: feeling my heart pounding my abdomen while climbing Glen Pass. Chest pains climbing Muir. Thankfully, they were just sore pectorals.

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