Sunday, April 13, 2014


Lately, my dreams are littered with failed attempts to get into the mountains. I'm poisoned, shot, attacked by animals, etc. Last night I dreamed the most terrifying dream of all. I packed my pack and started out the door, but then I remembered I had to go to work. 3 employers yelling at me because I'm late.
I woke up, sun streaming in my face and birds chirping outside. I lay there and imagined i was in my tent. Within minutes I was stealthily gathering my pack and sneaking out the door. I took a cab and was soon trotting across red clay earth in search of white blazes.
At a junction in a clearing I found them. I flung my arms wide--almost as wide as my smile--and swirled in a circle. Then I merged onto the path and never looked back.

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