Monday, May 19, 2014

Gossamer Gear

I am super excited to announce that I am now a Gossamer Gear Trail Ambassador!

I have been using GG products since my first PCT thru-hike in 2005. I am stoked to use even more of their items as they continue to turn out new, quality products that are both incredibly light and functional.

Over the last few weeks I have gotten to try out the following rad pieces of gear:

LTS4 Trekking Poles: I have never used trekking poles. I never really saw the point. There. I said it. 12,000 miles of hiking and another 4,000 of running in the mountains and I've been just fine. However, my experience at Barkley this year left me wishing I'd had poles for occasions like that. As I literally crawled up Testicle Spectacle I watched people with trekking poles staying upright. So, I came home and ordered these.
Adjustable carbon fiber poles that weigh just 4 oz each (the strap is more, but I'm not sure how much)! I'll never notice these when they are in my pack.
I took them out for the Chirico Tenpeat and they were great for helping me haul my butt up the last 3 repeats of the day. I've also been using them on the cross-country travel sections when I'm out climbing. The only caveat is that unlike most adjustable poles they don't collapse into thirds, so they are rather long–even when collapsed–to strap onto the pack.

QuickSak: See my complete review here. My go to daytrip pack. I am absolutely loving it!!

Gorilla Backpack: This pack is amazing! Just under 25oz (for the small) yet has a 3,000c/i capacity. It has a removable hipbelt with pockets (yes!) a removable stay for when I'm packing heavier loads, and accessible water bottle pockets on the sides. I took it out the other day to course mark a 50k race that I help direct. It was loaded with about 30 wooden stakes, a ton of signs and flagging, a hammer and staple gun. Not exactly ultra-light gear! Yet, I was still able to tighten the straps and run with it on. Very impressed with the way it handled. Looking forward to a LOT of adventures with this pack in the coming months.

If you're in the market for some new ultralight gear, I definitely recommend checking out They have plenty of awesome stuff available and even more on the way!

I am headed out for a three day climbing trip tomorrow. The Gorilla is stuffed to the gills. I am using the removable frame to help ensure it can carry the load. I'll be looking to buy a larger GG pack for further technical climbs this summer, so stay tuned for those reviews!

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