Monday, June 29, 2015

BioSkin Calf Skin Compression Sleeve Review

The folks over at BioSkin recently sent me a pair of their Calf Skin compression sleeves to try out. I was skeptical because in the past I've never found a compression sleeve that fit my huge calves, but I was willing to give them a try.

The fabric is much different than other compression wear I've tried. It's "slippery" feel definitely makes it slide on and off more easily and tights slide over top easily as well.

It's fairly thin and very comfortable. I ordered the XL since my calves are on the high end of the size L (16"). I was happy to find that there was space near the ankle. Other compression sleeves I've worn have cut off circulation there resulting in "sausage foot".

I am not prone to shin splints or muscle strains, but I do like to utilize compression for recovery purposes. I've been keeping these in my "post-hike bin" with a change of clothes, coconut water, and recovery food.

In a recent trip where I was out for 4 days, but traveled between trailheads, I wore these for the 2 hour car ride. I actually forgot that I had them on under my sleep tights and fell asleep wearing them. In the morning I did notice that the top of my calf felt a little irritated from the compression being on there for 8 hours, but my legs did not feel like I'd done over 15k of elevation gain in the prior 2 days.

I haven't washed them yet or worn them for activity, so it remains to be seen how they hold up to that. However, I can say that as recovery wear they have been exactly what I've wanted. I'm also very happy to finally find some compression wear that fits my muscular legs comfortably.

BioSkin makes a variety of other compression and support products which you can take a look at here.

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