Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Food for the Long Haul: Heath Warrior Chia Bar Review

I've been eating chia seeds for many years. Despite the tendency to get stuck in the teeth they are tasty, versatile, and nutritious. In my egg free days I used chia to bind my baked goods together. I also love to put it in smoothies, and make puddings from. 

Doling out bulk chia for PCT 2013

I remember a few years ago when I discovered HealthWarrior Chia Bars. They were delicious little bite sized bars of chia goodness. Unfortunately, they were far too pricey for me to afford.

Fast forward to a chance meeting with the HW reps at the Winter OR. I sampled some of their newest flavors and mentioned how much I loved their bars and that I'd eaten lots of chia on my PCT hike in 2013 (see pic above). Soon, I had an email offer to send me some HW chia bars for my AT hike.

I received a couple of cases of bars in the mail a few days before I was ready to tape the resupply boxes shut and mail them off. I was stoked to be able to add these treats to my supplies. I was even more thrilled to see a couple of cases of their new product–a chia protein bar–in there as well. I, of course, opened one and ate it on the spot. Two thumbs up!

One of the great things about the Health Warrior Chia bars is their compact nutrition and caloric density. In one .8 oz bar there are 100 calories, 3 grams of protein, and 6 grams of long burning fat fuel. Not to mention 1000mg omega 3's! The protein bars boast an additional 7 grams of protein derived from peas as well as ~200 calories all for 50 grams. The flavors are great too.

I mixed the regular and protein chia bars into the boxes fairly evenly. The 10g protein bars will be a nice change from the soy based ProBar Balance bars (reviewed below) and won't be too heavy to consume at once. Since I eat 200-300 calories per hour the 100 calorie Chia Bars are ideal to mix with Fuel Bites or some other small snack for variety.

My Favorite Flavors:

Chia Snack Bars: Coffee, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Acai Berry

Protein: Dark Chocolate Coconut Sea Salt, Peanut Butter Cacao, Lemon Goldenberry


  1. I make shots with chia, lime and honey and let them gel up.


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