Friday, October 30, 2015

Food For the Long Haul: Navitas Naturals Superfoods

As an insider with Navitas Naturals I get a discount on their wide variety of products. This has enabled me to eat better at home and in the backcountry.

I've stocked my boxes throughout my hike with a wide variety of Navitas Superfoods. Everything I've tried from them has been excellent, both in quality and flavor. The nutritional value is exceptional.

While I've been eating a wide variety of their dried fruits, and Superfood+ Snacks for several months, my favorites that provide the basis of my nutritional strategy for the AT are:

Cacao Sweet Nibs: Full of antioxidants, magnesium, sodium, and iron. Essential trace minerals for muscle function and repair

Goji Berries: High in Vitamin A, Protein and Vitamin C as well as other trace minerals to keep me healthy.

Green Coffee Powder: Powerful caffeine to keep me moving when the sleep deprivation is overwhelming, coupled with all the fragile antioxidants and fiber of a whole bean undamaged by roasting.

Mulberries: High in Vitamin C and Iron. Critical for someone like me who has struggled with anemia for years.

Lemon Goldenberry Power Snacks: Tasty, calorie dense chunks of energy!

Cacao Almonds: Protein, healthy fats and delicious cacao! Yum :)

Coconut Pepitas: Wide variety of nutrients and healthy fats. Calorically dense.

If you're looking for variety or a way to incorporate healthy foods into your trail rotation, I highly recommend giving any of these (or their other products) a try!

I will mention my one fail here. I bought the Pomegranate Powder with the intention of mixing it with my water to make a tasty backcountry smoothie. Not so good. I'll stick to Nuun and/or Emergen-C and save the fruit powders for use at home in real smoothies!

First two days of food!