Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Altra Paradigm Shoe Review

I am an Altra Athlete and as such receive shoes for free. I review them on my own accord.

I have a strong devotion to the Altra Lone Peak. In fact, it's pretty damn hard to convince me to put anything else on my feet.

I scramble peaks in Lone Peaks

However, since I moved to an urban area I have been running more roads and gravel paths than trails (booo). While the Lone Peak is fine for this, it's certainly not the best place and I was wearing the tread down too fast.

So, I ordered a pair of Paradigms.

I've been loving them!

Happy Feet, Happy Heather. Wish I could be here everyday!

The cushion is ideal for running the hard surfaces, but it's not so much that I feel like I'm on stilts. I had a pair of Hoka's once. That was a weird feeling.

As with all other Altra's, the Paradigms have a foot shaped toe box and zero drop. That makes them comfortable and functional for me.

Climbing a waterfall in Paradigms
I have also used the Paradigm on trails (and off trails!) with great success. The tread is not as burly as the Lone Peak, but it's perfectly adequate for trail adventures.

Off Trail. Full Pack. Wet Branch Bridge. Paradigm Shuffle.

I also really like them for recovery days as well when I feel like I need a bit more squish underfoot.

The only con I've noticed is the sizing. The men's is a little too wide for my foot and the women's is a tad too short. So, if you're a woman, you may need to size up a half size. Altra provides a handy "Show Me How it Fits" interactive next to the sizing chart on their website.


  1. Hi Anish,
    I have the Lone Peak 2.5, and really like them.
    What kind of insoles have you found work the best for you?

    1. I don't wear any additional insole.

  2. A lot of people have written on how to run with zero drop. Have you ever experimented with have your foot land on the forefoot? Do you hike heel to toe?

    1. I land with my mid-foot on flat ground. My foot strike varies depending on terrain. I never had any adaptation issues when I switched to zero drop.


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