Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Purple Rain Adventure Skirt Review

I met Purple Rain at ALDHA-West just two days after I completed the AT this year. I was so excited to meet her since I'd been seeing her skirts on my friends, female and male, for several years. Always, they raved about the comfort and functionality. At first I was skeptical, because I find most running/hiking dresses to be heavy and over-engineered. Hence my thrift store wardrobe.

Functional and Practically Free Thrift Store Dress

However, I took a good look at her skirts once and was totally impressed. So I was happy to finally tell her in person how excited I was that someone was making a functional hiking skirt for once. As someone who has been hiking in a skirt for over a decade it's exciting to see an actual market developing.

Rockin' my homemade skirt on the CDT in 2006

She was very kind to let me have a skirt to try myself and I immediately commenced to wearing it everywhere. And when it got cold I started wearing it over my tights. Or my pink hiking pants...which clashed terribly with the olive skirt. But, I didn't really care.

So, here are the things I love about my Purple Rain Adventure Skirt:

Synthetic Fabric
Not too heavy
Functional Design
No sewn in shorts(!!)
Handmade by a real person

Possible drawback:
For someone on a budget, the cost of $60 could be daunting. However, compared to similar products from big retailers (for the same cost or more) getting a handmade wearable piece of gear for that price is a bargain.


  1. Agree - Purple Rain Adventure Skirts are excellent attire for men. More men should try them on the trail.

  2. Perspective from a male. I have read several reviews on this skirt from females. Several of whom suggest it as a good option for men as well. When I hear the benefits of wearing a skirt over shorts especially on a long thru hike, well I am jealous. This skirt sounds like a little bit of heaven. So adhering to the "hike your own hike" mantra. I am going to order one of these for my upcoming thru hike on the AT this 2017. I see more women and men wearing skirts-skorts-kilts these days on the AT. As for the guys most kilts are just not flattering. I think the Purple Rain skirt would be on a guy. So I am going for it. This could end up being the number one trail skirt for men & women.

  3. I'm a guy and I wore a skirt about 75% of the time on my AT thruhike. So many benefits over shorts or a heavy below the knee kilt The ventilation and comfort is unmatched, you can use for modesty when changing around others, peeing takes less time and effort, and it is a great conversation starter


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