Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lone Peak Neoshell Review

I am an Altra Running Athlete and as such receive my footwear at no cost. I choose to write reviews on my blog for those who are interested. I am under no obligation from the company to do so, and the opinions expressed here are just that: my honest opinions based on my personal experience with the products reviewed.

I was stoked to try out the Lone Peak Neoshell as soon as I heard of its  existence. Unfortunately I had to wait to receive a pair until after I was home from the AT since they were released while I was on trail.

Running in rainy Washington means a soggy shoe-fest all winter long. So, the idea of a PolarMax NeoShell trail runner is pretty much a dream come true. If it works. Which it does. Which means I'm very happy.

In addition to the standard FootShape™ Toe Box and Fully Cushioned Zero Drop™ Platform that all Altra shoes have the Neoshell is also designed to be waterproof and breathable.

Most of the time I think waterproof and breathable statements are a big load of crap. Especially when it comes to jackets. However, in this case I certainly did not notice my feet being sweatier or clammy when running.

In fact, the Lone Peak Neoshell has kept my feet very warm and relatively dry through winter rainy running season so far. I say relatively because water can still get in from the top. Therefore if it's an all day soaking rain, they are going to get wet inside. If you're simply splashing through puddles post deluge you should stay dry. I've also coupled them with gaiters to slow the water seepage process.

The fit is a little different than the regular Lone Peak. To me they feel more stiff/snug in the upper. It isn't a problem really as my feet still have space to move, but it does feel a little different.

I highly recommend these to anyone who regularly runs in cold or wet conditions.

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