Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Nuun Products Review

I am a member of the 2016 Nuun Elite Team and therefore receive Nuun products at no cost. I have however, been buying Nuun for my electrolyte drink since 2010. This review is my own personal opinion and not requested or required by the company.

I was walking through the Bellingham Farmer's Market about 6 years ago when a man asked if I'd like to sample a new electrolyte drink. I said sure and he gave me a sample cup of a product called Nuun. I was sold and I've been using it ever since.

Nuun is a Seattle based company and it's local-ness was part of what I loved. Over the years I've seen their product line grow from their base electrolyte drink to lines that contain caffeine, calories, and vitamins. I've also seen a steady growth in their presence in the running world not only here in Washington, but throughout the country.

This year I decided to apply to be on their athlete team and was very excited to be selected!

I'll give a brief rundown of my experience with their products:

  • Nuun Active: This is my go to drink post exercise. It's portable and quick and I've mixed up to one gallon at a time to share with hiking partners. The array of flavors ensures there's something for everyone to like. The flavor is not bold or overly sugary so it goes down easily, even during intense competition.
  • Nuun All Day: This is my drink of choice post exercise on multi-day trips when nutritional deficits may occur. While the vitamins and minerals are not going to be as bioavailable as those from food sources it's a nice little insurance policy to help your body recover long term demands.
  • Nuun Energy: This is my drink of choice during ultras or really taxing all day climbs. Not only does it replenish electrolytes, but the kick of caffeine and b vitamins can boost performance when you're already taxed.
  • Plus for Nuun: I haven't tried this yet, but will be incorporating it into my longer endeavors this year. A drinkable form of simple carbs can be critical to long endeavors and I'm looking forward to trying Nuun's solution.
  • U Natural: This particular blend is for less intense activities. I use it interchangeably with Nuun Active uses since I just really like all the flavors.
Overall, I highly recommend all of Nuun's products to anyone looking for a well rounded, tasty electrolyte replenishment drink without sugar, artificial colors, and other crappy ingredients.

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