Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Addaday Pro Massage Roller Review

I received a sample of the Addaday Pro Massage Roller at the winter Outdoor Retailer show in January. I've been using a variety of foam rollers and self-massage tools for many years now and when I saw the Addaday products I was immediately intrigued.

There were several things I noticed immediately about the Addaday rollers that made them stand out.
  • Individual textured rollers
  • Differing size rollers
  • Varying levels of hardness in one roller

Addaday Pro Massage Roller

Lately I've become much more interested in fascia health and not just trying to "loosen stiff muscles."
I've been using the Addaday since January and have been pleased with the results. The textured surface of the rollers tacks skin and helps get the layers of skin, fascia, and muscle tissue gliding past one another again.

The thing I most like about the Addaday rollers is that they are truly an all in one tool. Prior to getting this I used a therapy ball, foam roller, and The Stick. The varying size and hardness of the rollers on the Addaday allow me to work every area from my neck to my toes with just one tool. It's also relatively easy to travel with.

If you're looking for ways to utilize the Addaday the company also has a nice series of instructional videos with Timothy Olsen on it's website.

Overall, I highly recommend the Addaday Pro if you are looking for a self massage roller, especially if you are looking to buy just one tool.

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