Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Altra Running Intuition Everyday Review

I am an Altra Running Athlete and as such receive my shoes at no cost. I choose to write reviews on my blog for those who are interested. I am under no obligation from the company to do so, and the opinions expressed here are just that: my honest opinions based on my personal experience with the products reviewed.

I have never had good luck with women's dress shoes. Maybe it's because I wear a women's size 12 or maybe it's because most women's footwear is designed for looks only. Probably some of both. Either way, I am usually the one showing up to weddings in flip flops or wearing a pair of trail runners. 

Therefore I was intrigued to see that Altra was making an "Everyday" shoe. So, I ordered a pair.

The Intuition Everyday isn't a real "dress up" shoe, but it's a perfect middle of the road between casual and office. I wear them to all my public speaking engagements (use the contact me form for more information) as well as to interviews, etc.

  • The comfort of Altra's foot-shaped toe box
  • Not having to sacrifice the zero-drop platform when you're not out running
  • Neutral colors go well with many different clothes

  • A little clunky looking
  • Not well suited to wearing with a dress or skirt

If you are looking for a comfortable shoe in neutral tones to wear with slacks then this is it. 

If you're wanting something a bit more feminine...then let's just keep our fingers crossed that Altra get's to that sometime soon!

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