Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Bskinz.com Shorts Review

It's not really a secret that I love wild colors and funky designs...

So, I was super stoked to find an affordable source for my shorts and tights...Bskinz.com.

They have a ton of designs in prices ranging from $5 for shorts up to the $30 range in tights/capris. So far I have only bought shorts and I've been pretty pleased with them. All of their compression shorts patterns come in either regular shorts length (6" inseam), or spankies length (2.5" inseam). I've tried both. They also do custom lengths. This is a small US company and inexpensive flat rate shipping ($5).

So far I have done some ascents as well as varying length runs in the shorts and they have been excellent.

What I love:
Colors and Patterns
Coolness/Wicking properties

What could be better:

The only drawback to these shorts is that as a thinner fabric they aren't as durable. After about a dozen icy glissades they're showing some signs of wear. However, icy glissading is outside the performance scope of most spandex shorts...so that doesn't really count as a failing of the product!

The thinner fabric means they are cooler and wick better than many spandex shorts I've tried.

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