Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Luna Sandals, Tabu, and Tabi Socks Review

I received my Luna products at no charge, however the review was not requested by the company.

Growing up I wore flip flops or was barefoot, pretty much until I hiked the AT in 2003. So that's 21 years of minimal footwear. I read Born to Run and my boyfriend calls the huge muscles on the bottoms of my feet "the Beasts". So really it's no surprise that my feet are happiest in foot shaped Altras and minimal Luna Sandals.

The perfect sandal seaside and mountainside

I have been wearing Luna Sandals for over a year now and I can absolutely say they are awesome. They conform to your feet over time and are incredibly comfortable and durable. The accessories are well thought out and functional. Best of all this company is located right down the street from me and welcomes you to pop in and have a look. If you want to buy sandals they make them on the spot for you. Very, very cool.

Day to Day Lunas in Fiji

Here are the models I've tried:
Luna Mono
Luna Mono Gordo
Tabi Sock

The Luna Mono was my first pair and I've worn them all over the place. Super comfortable, great traction and an excellent all around sandal.
Weight: 4.6 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 12mm
Sole: Vibram® USA

Luna Monos go with skirts...and trails

A few months later I picked up a pair of the Mono Gordo Trail Lunashe first thing I did was wear them on wet pavement to help push my boyfriends motorcycle up a steep driveway. The two men helping me were wearing sturdy shoes and both slipped a bit, the trail Lunas didn't. I went on to take them to New Zealand and Fiji and wore them hiking on several trails that were more river than trail as well as day to day in Fiji.
Weight: 7.2 oz (single sandal, men's size 9)
Thickness: 19mm
Sole: Vibram®

The "trail" to Manakau was more river than trail

What about cold feet? Yeah, mine usually are and I don't stop wearing sandals just because it's winter. So I picked up a pair of the Polar Feet Tabi Socks. Pretty much the most amazing addition to sandals ever made. I wore them in camp throughout our NZ trip as well as every nigh on our winter desert peakbagging excursions. I'm afraid I'll wear these out long before my sandals!

Tabi Socks at camp in New Zealand
I used to carry flip flops as a camp shoe on my thru-hikes. On my FKT's I ditched them for weight savings. Then, I discovered the Tabu Booties. Based on the traditional Japanese tabi the Tabu is made to mate perfectly with Luna Sandals. The upper is a water-resistant nylon with a thin cotton lining. However, the sole is a durable textured rubber that bonds to the Luna Sandal. So it's perfect for wearing in conjuction with your sandals when your tootsies want to be covered.
I've made the Tabu my camp shoe of choice now and toss the 1.5 oz pair of fold flat "shoes" into my backpack on nearly every trip. Lighter and warmer than flip flops, what's not to love?!

Tabu''s ready for the next adventure!


  1. You have such great great ideas. I have always wore chacos, since they replaced Teva long ago and have never looked for anything else. The last pair of chacos I bought aren't holding up very well, strap-wise or sole-wise. They are only a couple years old. I do love in them but it seems they used to last longer before... My only concern about these sandals are the foot beds. They don't seem to have any Arch support. I'm incredibly flat footed. Heard any remarks from others with similar foot conditions?

    1. I have pancake flat feet and never wear anything with arch supports. Luna's do not have arch support.


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