Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sawyer Products Stay Put Sunscreen Review

I am an ambassador for Sawyer Products and as such receive my products for free. However, this review is my personal opinion and not required by the company.

Most hikers know about Sawyer Products excellent water filters by now (see my review here). But they also make a wide variety of other items essential to exploring the outdoors. 

I've been using Sawyer's Stay Put Sunscreen for over a year and have found it to really "stay put". This summer my boyfriend and I went to Nevada, Utah, California, Oregon, and Idaho to climb a lot of peaks. They were almost all above 9,000ft and many were above 10. In anticipation of this trip and several glacier climbs I ordered some SPF 50 sunscreen from Sawyer.

I was incredibly impressed with how long an application of the SPF 50 lasted. Usually I only needed one application per day, despite sweating. When I looked into it, I found the following on their website:

"Through our experience as the primary supplier of sunscreen to the troops in the Gulf War, we learned just how important it is to hold a sunscreen in place even in extreme conditions. In our research, we were able to identify how the skin accepts, rejects, or processes sunscreens. With that knowledge we have developed revolutionary techniques for keeping our sunscreen formulas in place. Check out how Sawyer Sunscreen is Simply, Better."

The efficacy of it now made sense.

It's the height of summer. If you're looking for a bomber sunscreen to get you through the dog days I highly recommend Sawyer Products Stay-Put Sunscreen, especially the SPF 50.


  1. Hey Anish,

    Does this sunscreen rub in clear or does it turn you white like some thick zinc sunscreens do?


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