Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Paleo Meals To Go Review

My friend Rachel gave me a Paleo Meals To Go dinner to try out the night before we climbed Mt. Hood. I was excited to try something new that was guaranteed not to have any gluten in it. And not be based on rice either. While I'm not an adherant of any specific diet, I generally avoid grains, most dairy, a lot of soy, etc. So these meals seemed perfect.

Twas the night before Hood...

I was immediately impressed with the flavor so I contacted the company and got one of each of their meals to try out. I've been experimenting with them over the last month or so with cold hydration methods. They have worked out super well!

Assorted Yums


  • Rehydrate cold or hot very well
  • Texture is great (even the chicken)
  • Flavors are incredible. It's obvious that they use high quality ingredients.
  • Nutritious and filling
  • Meet my dietary restrictions

Refueling between Top 100 Peaks


  • More than once the packaging has leaked during the cold rehydration process. I've learned to circumvent this by sealing the bag and then folding it down and sealing inside a quart Ziploc for good measure. Let sit in a place it won't get squished in the pack.

Cliffside Breakfast with Cliffs

The breakfasts are incredibly calorie dense. ~600 calories each. They do come out a little weird texture-wise if you don't get the water just right, but I'm playing with my own preference. I add water the night before and let sit. Ready for the morning. They taste like smoothie cereals. Delicious (although on the sweet side).

Summit Breakfast on Mt. Olympus

The dinners are savory, high in protein and filling despite being less calories than I'm used to (~400 each meal). They probably wouldn't sate a thru-hiker after a thousand miles or so, but the nutrition quality is such that I would probably just eat two (or do a PMTG with some other snacks). For my current mountain trips they are more than adequate.

Dinner (and Breakfast) Prep in Camp

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