Monday, January 2, 2017

XoSkin Baselayer Review

Early last year the good folks at XoSkin sent me samples of their baselayer shirts to try out. Since then I've been wearing them in all conditions from the desert of Nevada to the alpine in Washington to my winter running training.

The shirts I tried out were:
1.0 Baselayer (loose fit v-neck with cap sleeves)
2.0 Baselayer (Form fit v-neck short sleeve)
2.0 Baselayer (Form fit v-neck sleeveless)
3.0 Baselayer (Light compression v-neck with cap sleeves)

A few things that set these shirts apart are the fact that they are engineered without many seams. They are sized based on height/weight. XoSkin uses a combination of PTFE and copper fibers to keep you cooler, reduce friction and odor, and promote a healthy environment for the skin.

Overall these shirts have been excellent. They wick well and are comfortable in a wide variety of conditions. I'm not sure that they really smell less than other synthetics after several days of wear, but I do notice that the odor washes out unlike the permastench in my other tech shirts. Even the heavier shirt is comfortable in warm temperatures. The main thing I'd like to see is more patterns.

Other thoughts:
I didn't find there to be much compression in the compression shirt. (Maybe I need a smaller size?)
The sleeveless form fit was my favorite for all factors. I love it for running and hiking.
The hand of the 1.0 was silky and I'm not a huge fan of that type of fabric feel. Otherwise the feel of the various weights is great.