Personal Training and Endurance Coaching Services

Are you looking for individualized coaching and training to meet your goals? Are you hoping to move into the realm of endurance running or long distance backpacking? If so, I would love to help! Use the Contact form on this page and head on over to Train With Anish for tips, plans, and costs.

I've been training myself for over a decade to achieve incredible long distance adventures including six 100 mile ultramarathon finishes and the self-supported Pacific Crest Trail Fastest Known Time in 2013 as well as the self-supported Appalachian Trail Fastest Known Time in 2015. I am an American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer specializing in online training.

Photo courtesy Rock 'n' Trail Photography
In addition I have worked with a variety of folks to help them achieve their goals. Here is what a few of them have to say:

"The progress I made in 10 weeks with Heather definitely surprised me! She set up a training routine that worked with my schedule, my athletic ability, and incorporated my favorite types of exercises. I went from barely being able to run .5 miles to running 3 miles consistently with ease. My Crossfit coaches noticed a significant improvement in my strength and endurance as well." --Mackenzie

"Your plan is really working--upped hiking speed and zipped up hills where last fall I would have had to stop and rest several times. It was SO MUCH FUN to be out there in the beautiful winter mountains and feel great. Many thanks for your help in getting me stronger and more fit." --Jane 

"Heather’s training was very helpful. She tailored my workout to my abilities and needs, and was willing to hear my suggestions for changes that worked better for me or modifications to the exercises. Heather is an amazing athlete and I appreciate her expertise."--Noelle